Oxford BHF CRE Annual Symposium

Oxford BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2017


Date: Thursday 14th September 2017

Venue: Mathematical Institute, Oxford


Registration is now closed.  Please contact Philippa Major or Tuula Itkonen for further informaiton. 



Past Symposia


BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2016 -  Programme

Photo Gallery (photo's by Phil Townsend)


Student poster prize winner 2016
James Bae
Photo: James Bae is congratulated by Hugh Watkins

James S.H. Bae

Title: Development of Small Molecule PAK1 Activators for the Treatment of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Ventricular Arrhythmias


Student posters commended 2016

Michael Weinberger

Title: Investigating epicardial heterogeneity during zebrafish heart development

Emma N. Bardsley

Title: Do b Adrenergic Blockers Also Work via the Peripheral Sympathetic Nervous System?


Researcher (non-student) poster prize winner 2016

Paul Robinson
Photo: Paul Robinson is congratulated by Hugh Watkins

Dr Paul Robinson

Title: Res Measuring Myofilament Specific Ca2+ Handling in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with Novel Genetically Encoded Ca2+ Sensors


Researcher (non-student) posters commended 2016

Dr Aaron T. Hess

Title: Respiratory gating in MRI using the RF safety monitor for high resolution human cardiac cine

Dr Richard Bulbulia

Title: Individual patient data analysis of 5226 patients in the asymptomatic carotid surgery trials: Benefits and hazards of immediate surgery in patients taking good medical therapy - Carotid surgery prevents ipsilateral and contralateral strokes.


BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2015 – programme.

Photo gallery of the first Oxford Symposium to be held at the new Mathematical Institute (2015).


Student Poster Prize Winner 2015:

Alistair Kerr
Alistair Kerr is congratulated by Hugh Watkins

Alistair Kerr, Cardiovascular Medicine & DPAG, “Using a novel combinatorial non-viral vector to treat familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH)”

Student posters Commended 2015:

Nshunge Musheshe, DPAG, “cAMP-mediated Regulation of the Cardiac Phospholemman- Na+/K+ ATPase Complex”

Joseph Tomson, NDPH, “Lack of effect of higher dose vitamin D supplements on systolic blood pressure and arterial stiffness among older participants after 12 months of treatment: Results of the BEST-D trial”




Researcher (non-student) Poster Prize Winner 2015:

Jana Koth
Jana Koth is congratulated by Hugh Watkins

Dr Jana Koth, WIMM, High-resolution non-invasive imaging of the regenerating adult zebrafish heart”

Researcher (non-student) Posters Commended:

Dr Dorothee Atzler, Cardiovascular Medicine, “Homoarginine Supplementation Improves Cardiac Function in a Murine Model of Ischaemic Heart Failure”

Dr Noel Faherty, Cardiovascular Medicine, “RNA splicing factors: Novel regulators of the BMP signalling pathway”

Dr Jyoti Patel, Cardiovascular Medicine, “A New Role for RGS-1 in Vascular Function and Blood Pressure Regulation”

Dr Graham Davies, Dr Kamayani Singh, Dr Matt Benson.  Cardiovascular Medicine. “Targeting chemokine and coagulant protease networks using tick venom peptides”


BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2014 - programme

BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2013 - programme

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