Oxford BHF CRE Funding Opportunities

The Oxford BHF Centre of Research Excellence (BHF CRE) brings together a vast range of cardiovascular research across the University of Oxford and is underpinned by a current award from the BHF of £6million over 5 years from April 2014 to March 2019.  The Oxford BHF CRE was initiated in April 2008 with an award of £8.4million from the BHF.

The CRE budget is allocated across the main categories of Training, Pump Priming and Infrastructure, with targeted funding streams within the main budget categories. 

The following funding streams are available for Oxford BHF CRE Principal Investigators and members of their research groups.

1. Oxford BHF CRE Training award schemes

We aim to provide the leading cardiovascular research training programme in the UK. We are offer opportunities for basic science researchers and clinician scientists, at all career stages, and have the following training schemes available:

Intermediate and Senior Transition Fellowships

The Oxford BHF CRE runs a unique Transition Research Fellowship programme, to support the career progression of the award holder with the expectation that they will secure a competitive peer-reviewed award for a programme of cardiovascular research from the BHF or other funding agency, by the end of their CRE funding.  Further information and application deadlines

Overseas travel awards for building international collaboration

The aim of this funding stream is to promote and support international collaborations in cardiovascular research.  Funding may be used to support travel from the UK to start or develop international collaborations, to visit recognised research centres outside the UK to study new techniques or to assist collaborators to come to Oxford and spend time working with an Oxford BHF CRE PI. 

Vacation Studentships

Vacation studentships are available to support a current undergraduate student for 8-10 weeks in the summer, based in the research groups of Oxford BHF CRE PIs, and provide living expenses for the student and a contribution towards consumables for the research group. Applications are submitted by undergraduates (not exclusive to Oxford students) and successful applicants are placed in the research groups of Oxford BHF CRE PI’s according to the preferred research themes of the student. Further information and application deadlines

Graduate studies in Cardiovascular Science.

The BHF CRE Steering Committee will consider applications from CRE PI’s to support DPhil studentships only for basic science graduates from outside the biological sciences (i.e. in areas not covered by the Oxford BHF 4 year PhD programme). Our current focus is facilitate the recruitment of mathematical, computational and physical scientists to train in cardiovascular informatics, statistics and imaging physics, in order to build capacity in these areas.

The BHF CRE may consider applications for Clinical Research Training Fellowships (Clinical DPhil), for a clinician of exceptional promise where an external fellowship application is not feasible or would not secure the candidate in time.

The Oxford BHF CRE has supported a 4 year DPhil (PhD) programme in Cardiovascular Medicinal Chemistry for graduates in chemistry/biochemistry or a related discipline.  No further studentships for this programme are available on the current CRE award.

Information about the 4 year Cardiovascular Science graduate programme in Oxford, which is supported directly by the BHF, can be found here.

Training programmes

The development and delivery of training programmes for skills in cardiovascular research will also be considered for support.


2. Oxford BHF CRE Infrastructure award schemes

Funding is available to help fund new multi-user core facilities for the cardiovascular community in Oxford or to support existing multi-user core facilities. Priority will be given to facilities that benefit more than one theme and that present a compelling argument for how the facility will be supported in the longer term. 


3. Oxford BHF CRE Pump Priming award schemes

Pump priming projects

The overall goal of these awards is to allow researchers to be more responsive and innovative, and to help maximise leverage for the CRE.

Applications which clearly have the purpose of generating preliminary data, to strengthen future external funding proposals, are encouraged. Smaller grants are possibly more likely to be awarded (£10k – £25k) as this funding stream is the most popular and therefore over-subscribed.  Max £50k per award.

Conference travel

Funding is available to assist graduate students in the research groups of BHF CRE PI’s with conference expenses.

Theme meetings

Funding is available to support theme meetings/workshops to be held over the duration of the CRE award (maximum £10k per meeting).


If you are interested in applying for funding, and would like further information on our funding programmes, please contact: Philippa Major, Research Facilitator.