Oxford BHF CRE training programme: Development of basic skills in cardiovascular research

The aim of the BHF CRE training programme in research skills and techniques is to bring together DPhil students, research assistants, and post-docs with an interest in Cardiovascular Science from across the University of Oxford to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between research groups and between Departments and research centres.

The main focus of the programme is to provide training in research techniques used in both basic and clinical cardiovascular research, and to give young researchers the opportunity to “meet the experts” in an informal setting.

The programme is organised and chaired by Prof Charis Antoniades and Prof Barbara Casadei twice a year; speakers are mostly from within the University of Oxford but also from other Universities or from Industry. The topics presented in the course change depending on the feedback received from the attendees.

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Graduate Studies in Cardiovascular Science


Cardiovascular science comprises one of the major fields of study within the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford. The strength of cardiovascular research in Oxford owes much to the cross-departmental nature of our research, which spans diverse areas and covers the translational research spectrum, from basic to clinical research. Research themes include cardiac developmental biology, epidemiology & clinical trials, cardiac imaging, human genetics, cardiovascular electrophysiology & signalling, systems biology, cardiovascular pharmacology & medicinal chemistry, and myocardial biology & disease.

Three graduate degrees are offered in cardiovascular science:

The DPhil in Cardiovascular Science is aimed at basic science graduates who want to undertake advanced research relevant to cardiovascular science. This is a 4 year DPhil (PhD) programme funded by the BHF.

The BHF Centre of Regenerative Medicine (CRM) DPhil Studentships are aimed at basic science graduates who want to undertake a DPhil (PhD) focusing on cardiovascular regenerative medicine. This is a research only, 4 year DPhil. Note: there are currently no further studentship vacancies available on this programme, for the duration to 2018.

The DPhil in Cardiovascular Medicinal Chemisty is aimed at graduates in chemistry/biochemistry or a related discipline who want to apply their skills to advance cardiovascular research and treatment.

Clinical Research Training Fellowships are aimed at clinicians wishing to undertake a DPhil (PhD) in cardiovascular medicine.

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