hCD68-GFP transgenic mouse

CD68GFP Figure 2[1]

A new tool to study monocyte and macrophage biology

Using funding from the British Heart Foundation the hCD68-GPF mouse was developed to facilitate the study of macrophage biology in the wider scientific community.  We have made this line freely available via The Jackson Lab.

The original characterization of this mouse was published in Blood along with a commentary including clear methods for flow cytometric and imaging analysis.

The hCD68-GFP mouse allows both study of monocyte trafficking and longer term monocyte to macrophage differentiation studies.  In contrast to other widely used strains, such as the CX3CR1GFP line, monocytes retain GFP expression after differentiation to mature tissue macrophages.


CD68gfp Figure 3 - HISTOGRAM[1]

Key Features:



Strain development

Originators: Eileen McNeill, Asif Iqbal, David Greaves, Ajay Chawla, Keith Channon
Transgene: enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) expressed under control of the human CD68 antigen promoter/enhancer sequences.
Production: Pronuclear injection.
Chromosomal Location: 3
Genetic Background: C57bl/6J