Congratulations to the following OCMR fellows from the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, RDM, who have won this year's Society for


Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) 2016 Regional Scholarships:

Dr. Andrew Lewis (Supervisors: Dr. Oliver Rider, Prof Damian Tyler, Prof Stefan Neubauer)

Dr. Alexander Liu (Supervisors: Dr. Vanessa Ferreira, Dr. Stefan Piechnik, Prof Stefan Neubauer)

Dr. Victoria Stoll (Supervisors: Prof Stefan Neuabuer, Prof Saul Myerson)

Dr, Rohan Wijesurendra (Supervisors: Prof Barbara Casadei, Prof Stefan Neubauer, Dr. Vanessa Ferreira)

According to SCMR, this was an especially difficult year to select the awardees, given that many outstanding applications were received, and the competition was the closest since the inception of the award. 

This award includes a $750.00 scholarship. SCMR developed this program to encourage trainees and young professionals to attend the Annual Scientific Sessions and to become active in SCMR. Congratulations to the winners on this important achievement!