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Robin Choudhury


Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

  • Honorary Consultant Cardiologist
  • Fellow in Biomedical Sciences, Balliol

Integrative Physiology (Systems Biology)


This translational science laboratory aims to understand how cells of the innate immune system are involved in processes of tissue homeostasis, injury and repair.

Areas of particular interest focus around: (1) understanding the role of monocytes, macrophages and neutrophils in acute myocardial infarction; myocardial regeneration vs repair and in atherosclerosis and (2) how these cells are 'programmed' e.g. by extracellular vesicles and through by genetic / epigenetic and metabolic mechanisms.

Robin Choudhury qualified in medicine at the University of Oxford with postgraduate training in London (Royal Brompton & Hammersmith) and at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.  He is currently Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford; Consultant Cardiologist to the John Radcliffe Hospital and Research Fellow in Biomedical Sciences at Balliol.  

He is co-PI of of the NovoNordisk Foundation supported Metabolite-related inflammation and disease (MeRIAD) consortium.  He serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Journal of Cardiology (Section Editor, Clinical Cardiology).

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