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Blood flow

This is a fast confocal timelapse image of red blood cells (red fluorescence) circulating within embryonic vessels (green fluorescence) of a transgenic zebrafish embryo. Image generated in a Zeiss 780 Confocal.

Rui Monteiro


University Research Lecturer

  • British Heart Foundation Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow

I am interested in learning how extrinsic signalling impinges on lineage fate decisions in development and how progenitors and stem cells carry out those decisions, with a particular emphasis on the Transforming Growth Factor β (TGFβ) pathway. I have recently shown that TGFβ programmes (haemogenic) endothelial cells in zebrafish embryos to become blood stem cells. My aim is to understand how TGFβ is deployed in development to make blood stem cells (HSCs), and how that relates to its function in making blood vessels. Gaining insights into the role of TGFβ in stem cell biology in vivo is particularly relevant, given that the TGFβ pathway is an attractive therapeutic target in haematopoietic malignancies and cardiovascular disease.

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