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Sevasti Zervou

BSc (Hons); PhD

Senior Researcher and Stipendiary Lecturer in Biochemistry

  • Senior Researcher, Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Stipendiary Lecturer in Cellular Biochemistry, St. Peter's College

Molecular and cellular aspects of heart metabolism


My research career started at the University of Warwick where I completed my PhD in Molecular Medicine, and then took up a Research Fellow position in Endocrinology and Diabetes until 2009.  I then joined the Neubauer/Lygate Group in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine as a Senior Researcher, funded by the British Heart Foundation.

My expertise lies within cell-based approaches to investigate and boost cellular energetics in the heart. Towards this goal, and jointly with the rest of our team I have developed in-house assays and contributed with generating in vitro and in vivo models of genetic manipulation. Other aspects of the work involve molecular phenotyping, protein post-translational modifications and -omics studies/analyses.  

Since 2021 I am a Stipendiary Lecturer in Cellular Biochemistry at St. Peter's College, Oxford, teaching Signalling, Metabolism, Cell structure and organisation to undergraduate students.

I am an official co-supervisor to graduate students (2010-) and RDM mentor to junior colleagues and involved in several Departmental and University-wide activities, member of the Congregation and RDM Athena SWAN Environment and Culture Committee. Since 2018 I have taken part in public engagement talking to secondary school and Sixth form pupils about cardiovascular research and science careers, both in person and via webinars.

ORCID 0000-0002-4665-2747

Sevasti Zervou — University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division

Sevasti Zervou | LinkedIn

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