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Congratulations to Dr Filipa Simões, previous holder of an Oxford BHF CRE Transition Fellowship, who has been awarded a prestigious BHF Intermediate Research Fellowship to establish her exciting research programme into the regenerating heart at the new Oxford Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine (IDRM) in Spring 2022. Good luck Filipa!



Dr Simões has been awarded a BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship to pursue a project entitled “Niche-Dependent Programming of Macrophage Function in the Regenerating Heart” for the next five years. In this time, she plans to dissect the dynamic cellular crosstalk and spatial relationships occurring between macrophages and the regenerating cardiac niche using a range of cutting-edge techniques such as single-cell (epi)genomics, spatial-transcriptomics and proteomics, imaging, and genome-editing approaches. Her work is set to contribute to the development of therapeutic strategies aimed at harnessing pro-regenerative intercellular communications within the injured non-regenerative mammalian heart.

Dr Simões said: “Joining the IDRM represents a unique and exciting opportunity that will springboard my independent research. It is fantastic to have been awarded a research fellowship by the BHF, and the Oxford BHF Centre of Research Excellence Transition Fellowship provided an important stepping-stone to my career aspirations, facilitating my transition to independence by allowing me to consolidate my research skills and publication record. I am very excited about this next stage of my career and can’t wait to get started!”


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