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Congratulations to Jillian, who has begun her Oxford BHF CRE Transition Fellowship, focusing on nutrient sensing and signalling in the heart by PKA-RIα (or type-1 PKA)

Jillian Simon

Nutrient sensing and signalling in the heart by PKA-RIα (or type-1 PKA) plays a vital role in promoting the myocardial adaptive response to nutrient depletion, via its interaction with the lysosome. Using a multifaceted approach (eg biochemistry, molecular biology, proteomics and genetically-altered mouse models), Jillian hopes to gain a better understanding of how limited nutrient availability is communicated to PKARIα, and what effect this communication imposes on lysosomal function, adaptation and cell survival.  In the longer term, she aims to take this work forward as part of an external funding application investigating how pathogenic alterations in this signalling cascade influences cardiovascular disease development.

Jillian underlines the importance of BHF CRE-funded Transition Fellowships:  "They are an invaluable source of support for early career researchers looking to advance their scientific independence, and I am very grateful to be amongst the recent fellowship recipients. This funding affords me the opportunity to explore a new and exciting avenue of my research, and will help me build the foundational data, research tools and collaborations I need to make me a strong competitor for external funding in the near future."  

We wish Jillian every success in her research over the coming years.