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Dr Andia Redpath

Dr Andia Redpath

Andia Redpath

BSc, MRes, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Epicardial biology and cardiac regeneration

Dr Andia Redpath completed her BSc Biochemistry degree at Imperial College London in 2010. Dr Redpath continued her higher education at Imperial College London and was awarded an MRes (2011) and PhD degree (2015) in Biomedical Sciences Research. Dr Redpath specialised in bone marrow stem cells, osteoimmunology and regenerative pharmacology during this period. In 2016, Dr Redpath joined the Smart Group in DPAG and is currently investigating epicardial biology in cardiac development and post-injury. Dr Redpath is exploring HS-proteoglycan modifying enzymes and modulation of HSPG-dependent pathways in the epicardium.

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