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BHF Centre of Research Excellence, University of Oxford

JR West Wing Level 5

The BHF Centre of Research Excellence (Oxford BHF CRE) in Oxford offers a small number of vacation studentships to enable talented and motivated undergraduates to carry out a research project in cardiovascular science during the University summer vacation.

The Oxford BHF CRE brings together over 70 world leading research groups, based in departments and centres across the University of Oxford.  Together they cover the translational research spectrum from basic science through to clinical and population health research. 

The placements for summer 2023 will again be organised as part of the Graduate Access Programmes at the University of Oxford.  The UNIQ+ internships are designed for talented undergraduates from backgrounds which have been disadvantaged and/or under-represented at postgraduate-level study, and these internships offer research experience with supervision from Oxford academics.

Taking place this year from Monday 3rd July - Friday 18th August, the programmes offer a generous scholarship stipend and free-of-charge accommodation in one of Oxford’s colleges, as well as the opportunity to improve your research skills and find out more about postgraduate study and careers.

The deadline for 2023 applications has now passed.  If you have applied to one of our projects, the UNIQ+ team will contact you regarding your application.


Past BHF CRE vacation studentships feedback 


'I have really enjoyed the wet lab component of my project as I was able to independently carry out certain procedures.  I have also learnt a lot about some essential lab techniques and equipment during the practicals.  Moreover, I enjoyed the interactions with people from different backgrounds and learning about their experience.  It allowed me to put things into perspective and be less intimidated by postgraduate studies and a career in academia'.

2nd year Biomedical Science

'I have enjoyed being able to have hands-on experience in the lab, learning new techniques and the significant science behind them.  This studentship has completely changed my perception of working in research.  I have started to appreciate how diverse it is, and how it is not always pure wet lab work'.

2nd year Biomedical Sciences

'This studentship taught me the value of hard work, as well as the necessary skills and procedures for translating research into impact.... the tasks assigned to me were challenging; as a result I learnt a lot about statistical programming and research techniques in a highly supportive and welcoming environment'.

Due to start an MSc in Public Health

‘The studentship was an invaluable experience. It allowed me to experience first-hand working in modern scientific research and it has reinforced my desire to pursue a career in academia. The chance to develop my critical thinking and exercise my scientific curiosity is what I cherished most about my studentship.’

2nd year Human Biology

 ‘My nine weeks gave me significant training in fundamental molecular biology techniques such as Western Blotting, qPCR, protein extraction/quantitation, RNA extraction and HPLC, as well as experience with data analysis and an understanding of the methods and challenges of working with an animal model.’

2nd year Pre-clinical Medicine

‘I was able to attend lab meetings and observe the interplay between different research teams in an area for I had expressed an interest in my application; I appreciate that a large effort was made to place me with a team which aligned with my interests.’

2nd year Medicine & Surgery

‘I feel that this was a valuable introduction to the workings of a typical research lab, where experiments do not always go as planned. I believe this experience will be very useful to the rest of my undergraduate studies, and will make me a stronger candidate when I apply to postgraduate positions in the future. This experience has made me seriously consider a career in cardiovascular research.’

3rd year Biochemistry