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Fantin Lowenstein

BHF CRE Graduate Student

Investigating the impact of phenylalanine levels on vascular heath

Supervisors: Professor Keith Channon and Prof Gillian Douglas


I completed my undergraduate studies and my masters at the University of Paris 12 where I specialised in tissue, cell, and gene therapy before I started working on the effect of elevated phenylalanine in the context of systemic aging.

My DPhil focuses on the effect of elevated phenylalanine on the cardiovascular system.

I am interested in characterizing the extent of the adverse effects caused by high phenylalanine on the cardiac and vascular system as well as their mechanisms in order to find therapeutics strategies to improve cardiovascular health.

Undergraduate degree: BSc at the University of Paris 12, followed by an MSc in Tissue, Cell & Gene Biotherapies.

Studentship dates: 2023-2026