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Professor Jane Green

Professor Jane Green

Jane Green

BA, BM BCh, DPhil

Professor of Epidemiology

  • Cancer Epidemiology Unit
  • MSc in Global Health Science module 1 lead: Introduction to Global Health Science

My research focusses on identification of hormonal and other risk factors for cancer and other common and serious conditions of middle and older age in women.  I am co-principal investigator for the Million Women Study, a very large cohort study of women’s health, which includes over 1.3 million UK women whose health we have followed since recruitment in 1996-2001. Major findings include increased risk of breast cancer in women using different types of hormone replacement therapy;   studies of body size (obesity, height) and risk of cancer, heart disease and fractures;   and assessment of the risks of long-term smoking in women.  My current research includes studies of risk factors for dementia, osteoporosis and fractures, and for bowel and oesophageal cancers. I lead the Cancer Epidemiology Unit’s Cancer Screening Programmes Research Group, with studies of bowel, breast and cervical cancers, using screening programme information to investigate both the practice of screening and underlying disease mechanisms.  Use of linked routinely-collected electronic health data is fundamental to our research and I am involved in several initiatives aiming to maximise the potential of such data for large-scale studies, including the UK Biobank, on whose Steering Committee I sit, and the MRC UK Dementias Research Platform.

Funding:  Cancer Research UK, Medical Research Council