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An in-person event for the first time since 2019, the Oxford BHF CRE Annual Symposium took place at Oxford Town Hall on Wednesday 23rd November 2022, and everyone was delighted to be back.

Town Hall


A busy and productive day of networking and scientific exchange, the event showcased scientific discovery within each of the four themes, as well as focusing on specific research across the network.  

Keynote speaker Professor Ben Goldacre, Director of the Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science, completed the programme, explaining how we can all help to achieve better, broader, safer use of health data. 

Over 40 students and researchers entered the poster competition, with judges agreeing that the overall standard was so excellent, it was difficult to select winners.  In addition to the lunchtime viewing and judging session, 10 pre-selected competitors also had the opportunity to give blitz presentations of their abstracts.  The winners of each of the categories can be found below:

Non-student - Best short talk of poster: 

Stefan van Duijvenboden (Oxford Big Data Institute, Wearables Group) - Prognostic value of exercise-induced ventricular ectopy in asymptomatic individuals

Student - Best short talk of poster: 

Kaitlyn Dennis (DPAG, Heather Group) - Selective palmitoylation of CD36 drives metabolic dysfunction in the type 2 diabetic heart

Non-student - Best poster:

KC Park (DPAG, Swietach Group) - Differential metabolic processing of propionate underpins histone modifications and contractile dysfunction in a mouse model of elevated propionate/propionyl-CoA

Student - Best poster:

Ni Li (DPAG, Paterson Group) - Human iPSC derived cardiac myocytes and sympathetic neurons in disease modelling

Image Competition - Judges' selection:

Mohanad Alkhodari (CVMed RDM, Leeson Group)

IA: (I)nsightful (A)spirations Towards Merging Human Knowledge with (A)rtificial (I)ntelligence in Cardiology

Image Competition - Audience Vote:

Rebecca-Ann Burton (Pharmacology, Burton Group) - Scanning Electron Micrograph of a blood clot 

Many congratulations to all of our talented winners, and thank you to all those who attended.  We look forward to seeing you next year!

Programme and abstract booklet to download HERE.

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