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Heritability estimates for 361 blood metabolites across 40 genome-wide association studies

Journal article

VAN DUIJN C., (2020), Nature Communications

A bipartite structural organization defines the SERINC family of HIV-1 restriction factors.

Journal article

Pye VE. et al, (2020), Nat Struct Mol Biol

Calcium Signaling in the Heart

Journal article

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Inflammation and atherosclerosis: what is on the horizon?

Journal article

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Pyridine Nucleotide Metabolites and Calcium Release from Intracellular Stores

Journal article

Galione A. and Chuang KT., (2020), Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 1131, 371 - 394

Talkin’ ‘bout regeneration: New advances in cardiac regeneration using the zebrafish

Journal article

Smith KA. and Mommersteeg MTM., (2020), Current Opinion in Physiology

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