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Cardiomyocyte Na+/H+ Exchanger-1 Activity Is Reduced in Hypoxia

Journal article

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Replacement of surgical vasectomy through the use of wild-type sterile hybrids

Journal article

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Identification of Biomarkers for the Prevention of Chronic Disease


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Lp(a) (Lipoprotein[a]), an Exemplar for Precision Medicine: Insights From UK Biobank.

Journal article

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Inhibition of the SUV4-20 H1 histone methyltransferase increases frataxin expression in Friedreich's ataxia patient cells.

Journal article

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Statin treatment and muscle symptoms: a series of randomised, placebo controlled N-of-1 trials

Journal article

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The Ncoa7 locus regulates V-ATPase formation and function, neurodevelopment and behaviour.

Journal article

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Blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases in Chinese adults with type 2 diabetes: a prospective cohort study

Journal article

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Lysosomal agents inhibit store-operated Ca2+ entry.

Journal article

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