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Human genetics uncovers MAP3K15 as an obesity-independent therapeutic target for diabetes

Journal article

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Body shape phenotypes of multiple anthropometric traits and cancer risk: a multi-national cohort study

Journal article

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Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 and Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases: a Mendelian Randomization study

Journal article

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Anionic lipids unlock the gates of select ion channels in the pacemaker family.

Journal article

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CryoEM of endogenous mammalian V-ATPase interacting with the TLDc protein mEAK-7.

Journal article

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Cardiovascular disease and mortality sequelae of COVID-19 in the UK Biobank.

Journal article

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Empagliflozin in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Journal article

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Pericardial adiposity is independently linked to adverse cardiovascular phenotypes: a CMR study of 42 598 UK Biobank participants.

Journal article

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Mitral Annular Disjunction Assessed Using CMR Imaging: Insights From the UK Biobank Population Study.

Journal article

Zugwitz D. et al, (2022), JACC Cardiovasc Imaging

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