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Increasing knock-in efficiency in mouse zygotes by transient hypothermia

Journal article

DAVIES B. et al, (2024), CRISPR Journal

Insights into the Role of a Cardiomyopathy-Causing Genetic Variant in ACTN2

Journal article

Broadway-Stringer S. et al, (2023), Cells

A Founder Mutation in EHD1 Presents with Tubular Proteinuria and Deafness.

Journal article

Issler N. et al, (2022), J Am Soc Nephrol

Altering the binding properties of PRDM9 partially restores fertility across the species boundary

Journal article

DAVIES B., (2021), Molecular Biology and Evolution

Precisely Tuned Inhibition of HIF Prolyl Hydroxylases Is Key for Cardioprotection After Ischemia.

Journal article

Jatho A. et al, (2021), Circ Res, 128, 1208 - 1210

Phenotype of a transient neonatal diabetes point mutation (SUR1-R1183W) in mice

Journal article

Sachse G. et al, (2021), Wellcome Open Research, 5, 15 - 15

Base editing and prime editing in laboratory animals

Journal article

DAVIES B. and Caso F., (2021), Laboratory Animals

Replacement of surgical vasectomy through the use of wild-type sterile hybrids

Journal article

Preece C. et al, (2021), Lab Animal

The Ncoa7 locus regulates V-ATPase formation and function, neurodevelopment and behaviour.

Journal article

Castroflorio E. et al, (2020), Cell Mol Life Sci

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