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MiR-184 expression is regulated by AMPK in pancreatic islets

Journal article

(2018), FASEB Journal

Mammalian γ2 AMPK regulates intrinsic heart rate

Journal article

Yavari A. et al, (2017), Nature Communications

Resistance of dynamin-related protein 1 oligomers to disassembly impairs mitophagy, resulting in myocardial inflammation and heart failure.

Journal article

Cahill TJ. et al, (2016), The Journal of biological chemistry, 291, 25762 - 25762

Benzimidazole derivative small-molecule 991 enhances AMPK activity and glucose uptake induced by AICAR or contraction in skeletal muscle.

Journal article

Bultot L. et al, (2016), American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism, 311, E706 - E719

Mutation of Fnip1 is associated with B-cell deficiency, cardiomyopathy, and elevated AMPK activity.

Journal article

Siggs OM. et al, (2016), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113, E3706 - E3715

Chronic Activation of γ2 AMPK Induces Obesity and Reduces β Cell Function

Journal article

Yavari A. et al, (2016), Cell Metabolism

AMP Kinase Modulates Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability through Autonomic and Intrinsic Mechanisms

Conference paper

Moen JM. et al, (2016), BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 110, 121A - 122A

Effect of Selective Heart Rate Slowing in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction.

Journal article

Pal N. et al, (2015), Circulation, 132, 1719 - 1725

No Evidence of Myocardial Oxygen Deprivation in Nonischemic Heart Failure.

Journal article

Dass S. et al, (2015), Circ Heart Fail, 8, 1088 - 1093

Targets for therapy in sarcomeric cardiomyopathies.

Journal article

Tardiff JC. et al, (2015), Cardiovasc Res, 105, 457 - 470

Cardiac steatosis and left ventricular remodeling in heart failure with reduced and preserved ejection fraction

Journal article

Mahmod M. et al, (2015), Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 1 - 2

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