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Thymosin β4 preserves vascular smooth muscle phenotype in atherosclerosis via regulation of low density lipoprotein related protein 1 (LRP1)

Journal article

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Context Dependent Sulf1/Sulf2 Functional Divergence in Endothelial Cell Activity

Journal article

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Alkaline nucleoplasm facilitates contractile gene expression in the mammalian heart

Journal article

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Maternal iron deficiency impacts the placental arterial network

Journal article

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Thymosin β4 protects against aortic aneurysm via endocytic regulation of growth factor signaling

Journal article

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Analysis of epicardial genes in embryonic mouse hearts with flow cytometry

Journal article

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Immunomodulation for optimal cardiac regeneration: insights from comparative analyses

Journal article

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SRSF3 is a key regulator of epicardial formation


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Journal article

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Recapturing embryonic potential in the adult epicardium: Prospects for cardiac repair.

Journal article

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Understanding the Recruitment Process

Journal article

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