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Calcitonin paracrine signaling controls heart fibrogenesis and arrhythmia

Conference paper

Moreira L. et al, (2022), JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY, 173, S85 - S86

Phylogenetic Analysis Indicates That Evasin-Like Proteins of Ixodid Ticks Fall Into Three Distinct Classes

Journal article

BHATTACHARYA S. and NUTTALL PA., (2021), Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 11

Calcitonin paracrine signaling controls atrial fibrogenesis and arrhythmia

Journal article

MOREIRA LM. et al, (2020), Nature

Engineered anti-inflammatory peptides inspired by mapping an evasin-chemokine interaction.

Journal article

Darlot B. et al, (2020), J Biol Chem, 295, 10926 - 10939

Early Embryonic Expression of AP-2α Is Critical for Cardiovascular Development.

Journal article

Johnson A-L. et al, (2020), J Cardiovasc Dev Dis, 7

Using evasins to target the chemokine network in inflammation.

Journal article

Bhattacharya S. and Kawamura A., (2020), Adv Protein Chem Struct Biol, 119, 1 - 38

Using evasins to target the chemokine network in inflammation


KAWAMURA A. and BHATTACHARYA S., (2019), Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology: Inflammatory Disorders, Part A

Evasins: Tick Salivary Proteins that Inhibit Mammalian Chemokines

Journal article

Bhusal RP. et al, (2019), Trends in Biochemical Sciences

A knottin scaffold directs the CXC-chemokine-binding specificity of tick evasins

Journal article

LEE A. et al, (2019), Journal of Biological Chemistry

Pioneering function of Isl1 in the epigenetic control of cardiomyocyte cell fate.

Journal article

Gao R. et al, (2019), Cell Res, 29, 486 - 501

Bi-allelic Loss-of-Function CACNA1B Mutations in Progressive Epilepsy-Dyskinesia.

Journal article

Gorman KM. et al, (2019), American journal of human genetics, 104, 948 - 956


Conference paper

Page DJ. et al, (2019), HEART, 105, A182 - A183

Biowire Model of Interstitial and Focal Cardiac Fibrosis

Journal article

Wang EY. et al, (2019), ACS Central Science

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