Cardiovascular science is one of the seven priority research themes within the Division of Medical Sciences in the University of Oxford.

World class research is conducted across the spectrum of population, clinical and basic science. Particularly notable is the integration of molecular science, epidemiology and physiology, bringing together researchers with interests in the understanding of cardiac and vascular biology at both the molecular level, the level of the whole organism and in populations.

New cross cutting technologies in imaging, computational modeling, statistics, chemistry and engineering will drive future advances.

News and Events

Early, late menarche linked to higher risk of vascular disease

Dr Dexter Canoy and colleagues from the Nuffield Department of Population Health report that both early and late menarche are associated with higher risks of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Honorary Fellowship for Prof David Paterson

Congratulations to Prof David Paterson on being elected to Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of New Zealand.