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From Research to Rudder

Claire Aitken, from the Tzima lab, will compete at the Women's Blue Boat Race this Sunday

Unlocking the Secrets of cAMP Signalling in the Heart: A Pathway to Targeted Therapeutics

CRE General

A new Zaccolo group study has revealed key new insights into the role of cAMP signalling in both healthy and disease settings within the heart. They have identified new cAMP nanodomains in cardiac muscle cells that have far reaching implications for the treatment of heart disease.

New predictive marker of heart failure after heart attack – OxAMI study

A new publication from the ongoing OxAMI study finds that patients who have had a heart attack show subtle inflammatory differences in the heart muscle unaffected by heart attack. These differences are linked to patients' long-term prognosis.

New blood test from DPAG cardiac researchers could save lives of heart attack victims

CRE General

Researchers from the Herring group have developed a blood test that measures stress hormone levels after heart attacks. The test – costing just £10 – could ensure patients receive timely life-saving treatment.

Triglycerides may be the key to understanding ‘residual risk’ for coronary heart disease

Researchers at Oxford Population Health and King’s College London have found that people with high levels of some triglyceride-carrying apolipoproteins may still be two to three times more likely to develop coronary heart disease even if their LDL-cholesterol levels are under control. The results are published in Circulation Research.

Professor Barbara Casadei awarded 2022 Nylin Medal

CRE General

The Swedish Society of Medicine has awarded the 2022 Nylin Medal to Professor Barbara Casadei, part of the Oxford BHF CRE leadership team.

BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2022 - Image Competition

The second Oxford BHF CRE image competition, and the first in-person, saw 11 original and diverse images submitted for the judges' and audience vote.

BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2022 - Poster Winners

Over 40 students and researchers entered our 2022 poster competition, with the judges finding it difficult to split entrants in an extremely strong field.

Joaquim Vieira recognised in national image competition

CRE General

DPAG BHF Intermediate Research Fellow Dr Joaquim Vieira has been shortlisted for the British Heart Foundation’s annual ‘Reflections of Research’ image competition.

How artificial intelligence is shaping medical imaging

Dr Qiang Zhang, BHF CRE Intermediate Transition Fellow, writes about how artificial intelligence is being used to advance cardiovascular imaging

Study develops radiotranscriptomic AI analysis to enable virtual heart biopsies

CRE Research

RDM researchers tested the method in COVID-19 patients, to find that the results predicted in-hospital mortality.

BHF CRE Director Professor Hugh Watkins wins £30 million research award to cure killer heart diseases

The British Heart Foundation award aims to help researchers rewrite DNA, in “defining moment” for cardiovascular medicine.

UNIQ+ Summer Studentships Hosted by BHF CRE Researchers

We're delighted to welcome the four UNIQ+ students who have undertaken studentships with BHF CRE-funded projects this summer.

BHF Senior Fellowship renewal for Duncan Sparrow could pave the way to revealing unknown causes of heart defects in babies

CRE General

Congratulations are in order for Associate Professor Duncan Sparrow, who has been awarded a renewal of his British Heart Foundation Senior Basic Science Research Fellowship. The award will fund crucial investigations into little understood environmental risk factors of congenital heart disease, and could one day lead to new therapeutic strategies.

Two BHF CRE Researchers Awarded the Title of Associate Professor

Many congratulations to Dr Betty Raman and Dr Chris Toepfer who have been awarded the title of Associate Professor

Collaborative team driven by DPAG and Chemistry awarded RSC Horizon Prize

As part of the Molecular Flow Sensor Team, with collaborating members principally from DPAG's Robbins and Talbot groups and the Department of Chemistry, former BHF DPhil Student Snapper Magor-Elliott has won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) Analytical Division Horizon Prize for the development of a new technology for measuring lung function.

DPAG researchers to take on the London to Brighton Bike Ride for the British Heart Foundation

Associate Professor Sarah De Val will lead a team of researchers as they take on the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) London to Brighton Bike Ride.

Nicola Smart appointed Associate Professor of Cellular and Integrative Physiology

The post is in association with a Tutorial Fellowship at Christ Church College.

Joaquim Vieira brings heart regeneration research to the public at Pint of Science

Public Engagement Research

Pint of Science is the world’s largest public science festival bringing researchers to local pubs, cafes and spaces to share their scientific discoveries with the public.

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