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Thomas Lanyon-Hogg

Career Development Fellow

Research at the interface of chemistry, biology and drug discovery.

Medicinal Chemistry

As part of the Medicinal Chemistry Group in the Department of Pharmacology, my research involves the synthesis and development of biologically active small-molecules. This includes identification of new inhibitors by screening approaches, design of improved molecules using rational and computational guidance, and testing of molecules in biochemical, cellular and in vivo settings. Current Medicinal Chemistry projects include: development of molecules to reverse antibiotic resistance; development of inhibitors of the Hedgehog signalling pathway in cancer; identification of modulators of protease activity in cancer and development.

Chemical Biology

My research in Chemical Biology involves the use of chemical methodology and small molecules to probe biological questions. This encompasses a range of methodology including organic synthesis, biorthogonal 'click' chemistry, and biochemical or mass spectrometry-based proteomic analyses. Current areas of interest include: generation of novel platforms for modulation of protein-protein interactions; profiling of small-molecule targets in vivo.

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