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  • 26 April 2011 to 25 April 2012
  • Awards: Pump-priming Awards

The Oxford Cardiovascular Tissue BioResource was established by the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in collaboration with the Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, NHS Blood and Transplant and the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics. This bioresource systematically collected primary human umbilical cord vascular material (tissue, DNA, RNA) from mothers who delivered within the OUH NHS Trust and generated matched vascular cell subsets (endothelial cells, mesenchymal stem/stromal cells, vascular smooth muscle cells). Umbilical cords were sourced from both normal pregnancies and those with specific complications, such as preeclampsia or preterm delivery. This allows the resource to be used for both investigation of the role of pregnancy complications on later cardiovascular risk in both mother and offspring (clinical phenotype) as well as provide a cellular resource to investigate how novel genetic variants identified in genome wide association studies (genetic predisposition) impact on vascular cell function.


Publications linked to this award:

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