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Over 40 students and researchers entered our 2022 poster competition, with the judges finding it difficult to split entrants in an extremely strong field.

Blitz talk


This year's poster competition attracted high-quality entries from graduate students and postdoctoral researchers across the Oxford BHF CRE network.  

During a pre-event heats round, 10 entrants were selected to give a four-minute blitz presentation of their poster.  During the lunchbreak, all competitors aslo had the opportunity to showcase their work to the competition judges and symposium attendees in the impressive surroundings of Oxford Town Hall.


Poster session 3Poster sessionPoster session 5

All agreed that the standard of posters was extremely high, and gave an excellent impression of the quality and breadth of research taking place across the Oxford cardiovascular community.

At the end of the day, Professor Keith Channon, head of the Target Discovery theme, awarded prizes to the following entrants:

Non-student - Best short talk of poster: 

Stefan van Duijvenboden (Oxford Big Data Institute, Wearables Group) - Prognostic value of exercise-induced ventricular ectopy in asymptomatic individuals

Student - Best short talk of poster: 

Kaitlyn Dennis (DPAG, Heather Group) - Selective palmitoylation of CD36 drives metabolic dysfunction in the type 2 diabetic heart

Non-student - Best poster:

KC Park (DPAG, Swietach Group) - Differential metabolic processing of propionate underpins histone modifications and contractile dysfunction in a mouse model of elevated propionate/propionyl-CoA

Student - Best poster:

Ni Li (DPAG, Paterson Group) - Human iPSC derived cardiac myocytes and sympathetic neurons in disease modelling


Competition winners

From right to left, poster winners: Kaitlyn Dennis, Ni Li, Stefan van Duijvenboden, Professor Keith Channon and KC Park; image competition judges' choice winner Mohanad Alkhodari, Image competition audience vote winner Rebecca Burton (prize collected by Qianqian Song).

Congratulations to our poster winners and to all entrants for making this year's event so exciting and competitive!