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Congratulations are in order to Professor Manuela Zaccolo on being awarded Membership of the Academia Europaea (MAE).

Manuela Zaccolo


Member of the Oxford BHF CRE Senior Leadership Team, Deputy Head of Department and Director of Cardiac Sciences in the Burdon Sanderson Cardiac Science and Integrative Physiology Centre Professor Manuela Zaccolo has been elected to membership of the Academia Europaea (MAE). This award is conferred to individuals that have demonstrated "sustained academic excellence". 

Academia Europaea is a pan-European Academy that encompasses all fields of scholarly enquiry. Its primary objective is to advance and propagate excellence in humanities, law, economic, social and political sciences, mathematics, medicine, and all branches of natural and technological sciences. It acts as co-ordinator of European interests in national research agencies.

Academia Europaea has a thriving membership of more than 5,000 world-leading researchers, amongst them more than 80 Nobel laureates. DPAG has several members of the Academy, including Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft FRS (2001), Professor Dame Kay Davies FRS (1991), the late Professor Sir Colin Blakemore FRS (1995), Professor Gero Miesenböck FRS (2017), Professor Denis Noble FRS (1989), Professor Anant Parekh FRS (2002), Professor Zoltán Molnár (2019), and Professor David Paterson (2021).

Professor Zaccolo will be formally inducted at the Annual Meeting of the Academia Europaea in Munich from 9-11 October 2023.

Professor Zaccolo said: "I am very grateful and humbled to have been elected as a member of the Academia Europea. This recognition serves for me as a reminder of the collective effort and collaboration that drives progress in academia. It is a great privilege and honour to join this community and I look forward to engaging with fellow members, sharing ideas and forging meaningful connections for the promotion of knowledge and interdisciplinary cooperation."