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What a busy and fruitful day for BHF CRE! Hosted by Professor Hugh Watkins (Director of Oxford BHF CRE), researchers gathered to share their findings contributing to cardiovascular research from many angles in this annual event.

Professor Ajay Shah: Keynote speaker

The day had three focused presentation sessions filled with lots of cutting-edge discoveries by researchers at different stages of their career and time was allocated for structured Q&A. In addition, around fifty posters were displayed for viewing, which certainly sparked meaningful informal discussions encouraging collaboration and support across specialties and institutions.

The day concluded with a keynote lecture by Professor Ajay Shah from King’s BHF CRE, followed by presentation of poster prizes.

Research Poster Awards

Student Category


Tonia M Thomas (DPAG, Smart Group)Tonia Thomas receiving her prize

Title: Investigating the role of endocardial notch signalling for neovascularisation of the heart after myocardial infarction


Abigail D. Wilson (Department of Pharmacology, Sitsapesan Group)

Title: Impaired ligand regulation of native RyR2 channels in the catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia mutation, RyR2-V2475F(+/-)

Lisa Simpson (CVMed, RDM, Tzima Group)

Title: Lost in translation: endothelial cytoskeleton ‘out of line’

Non-student category


Dr Filipa C Simões (DPAG, Riley Group)

Title: Macrophages directly contribute collagen to transient scar formation during zebrafish heart regeneration


Dr Nikita Ved (DPAG, Sparrow and Ashcroft Group)

Title: A novel approach to understanding how pre-gestational diabetes induces embryonic birth defects

Dr Surawee Chuaiphichai (CVMed, RDM, Channon Group)

Title: Pivotal Role for Endothelial Cell GTP Cyclohydrolase and Tetrahydrobiopterin in Blood Pressure Regulation and Vascular Adaptation to Pregnancy

Congratulations to the poster winners and we hope that everyone enjoyed the symposium.


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