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The three students all spent seven weeks working alongside BHF CRE researchers on diverse cardiovascular projects.

The students were recruited through the UNIQ+ scheme, and are undergraduates at UK institutions other than Oxford University. 

Emma and Humza joined the Tzima group, where they chose to work on the following projects:

"What is the relationship between Piezo1 and Plexin d1?";

"Exploring whether proteasome or lysosome mediated protein degradation is involved in the reduction of eukaryotic initiation factor 6 (eIF6) protein levels, induced by the administration of the inflammatory cytokine IL1."

Rajib worked alongside Oxford BHF CRE Transition Fellow Qiang Zhang on a project which uses AI deep learning for clinical research.

As part of their studentship, all students gave a presentation to other students and supervisors on their project. 

Once again, the studentships allowed undergraduates to acquire new lab and data analysis skills, and experience what it's really like to study and work in a successful research lab.  

The students reported that they had found the placements enjoyable and very valuable in moving towards their career goals post-graduation; they had gained in confidence, and had found the lab environment supportive and friendly.

Further details on our vacation studentships, including how to apply for summer 2024, can be found here.