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We're delighted to welcome the four UNIQ+ students who have undertaken studentships with BHF CRE-funded projects this summer.

The students, who have either just graduated or completed their second year of undergraduate study, hail from universities across the UK.

The 6-week studentships are run through Oxford University's UNIQ+ scheme, and are intended to give those considering further study a flavour of postgraduate research and what it's like to live and study in Oxford.  As well as being actively involved in a research project, students have the opportunity to attend training skills session and meet with researchers, academic staff and graduate students.  The placement culminates with students giving a presentation of their work.

This year's students have chosen to work on the following BHF CRE projects:

Cardiac myosin function and heart disease - hosted by Associate Professor Chris Toepfer

Epicardial epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition during heart development - hosted by Dr Joaquim Vieira

Lymphatic vessel formation - hosted by Dr Irina-Elena Lupu

Phenotyping measures of fat from cardiac images - hosted by Professor Jemma Hopewell

Thank you to all the supervisors and their group members who are involved with this year's studentships.

At the end of the placements we look forward to being able to share our students' experiences of their work.