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The linkage of cystic fibrosis (CF) and the polymorphic DNA markers pJ3.11, met, 7C22, DOCR1-917, COL1A2, and TCRB have jointly localized the mutation causing CF to chromosome 7q2-1-3.1. We report further linkage data with two polymorphic markers at the met oncogene locus, pmetH and pmetD, which supports the tight linkage found by White et al. between CF and met. One family shows evidence for meiotic recombination between CF and met. Analysis of haplotypes in CF pedigrees collected for linkage studies combined with data from single affected families requesting prenatal diagnosis (Farrall et al., Lancet i:1402-1404, 1986) shows CF and met to be in linkage equilibrium in our population shile pJ3.11-CF haplotypes show a deviation from the equilibrium frequencies.


Journal article


American Journal of Human Genetics

Publication Date





713 - 719