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NAADP is a recently described calcium-mobilizing messenger. First discovered as a potent calcium-releasing molecule in sea urchin eggs, its actions have now been reported in several mammalian cell types. In the sea urchin egg, NAADP-sensitive calcium release channels appear distinct from inositol trisphosphate or ryanodine receptors, and are mainly localized to acidic compartments. In this study, Billington et al. extend the pharmacology of the putative NAADP receptor utilizing molecules unrelated to NAADP itself. This work may provide an important step in developing selective NAADP receptor modulators that will help define the role of NAADP in cell signalling.

Original publication




Journal article


Br J Pharmacol

Publication Date





1203 - 1207


Animals, Humans, NADP, Receptors, Cell Surface, Structure-Activity Relationship