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Non-ionic detergents are important tools for the investigation of interactions between membrane proteins and lipid membranes. Recent studies led to the question as to whether the ability to capture protein-lipid interactions depends on the properties of detergents or their concentration in purification buffers. To address this question, we present the synthesis of an asymmetric, hybrid detergent that combines the head groups of detergents with opposing delipidating properties. We discuss detergent properties and protein purification outcomes to reveal whether the properties of detergent micelles or the detergent concentration in purification buffers drive membrane protein delipidation. We anticipate that our findings will enable the development of rationally design detergents for future applications in membrane protein research.

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Journal article


Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr

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Delipidation, Hybrid detergent, Lipid, Membrane protein, Purification