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BACKGROUND: The associations between blood lipids and DNA methylation have been investigated in epigenome-wide association studies mainly among European ancestry populations. Several studies have explored the direction of the association using cross-sectional data, while evidence of longitudinal data is still lacking. RESULTS: We tested the associations between peripheral blood leukocytes DNA methylation and four lipid measures from Illumina 450 K or EPIC arrays in 1084 participants from the Chinese National Twin Registry and replicated the result in 988 participants from the China Kadoorie Biobank. A total of 23 associations of 19 CpG sites were identified, with 4 CpG sites located in or adjacent to 3 genes (TMEM49, SNX5/SNORD17 and CCDC7) being novel. Among the validated associations, we conducted a cross-lagged analysis to explore the temporal sequence and found temporal associations of methylation levels of 2 CpG sites with triglyceride and 2 CpG sites with high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C) in all twins. In addition, methylation levels of cg11024682 located in SREBF1 at baseline were temporally associated with triglyceride at follow-up in only monozygotic twins. We then performed a mediation analysis with the longitudinal data and the result showed that the association between body mass index and HDL-C was partially mediated by the methylation level of cg06500161 (ABCG1), with a mediation proportion of 10.1%. CONCLUSIONS: Our study indicated that the DNA methylation levels of ABCG1, AKAP1 and SREBF1 may be involved in lipid metabolism and provided evidence for elucidating the regulatory mechanism of lipid homeostasis.

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Clin Epigenetics

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Blood lipids, Cross-lagged analysis, DNA methylation, EWAS, Mediation analysis, Humans, DNA Methylation, CpG Islands, Epigenesis, Genetic, Longitudinal Studies, Cross-Sectional Studies, Lipids, Triglycerides, Leukocytes, Cholesterol, Lipoproteins, HDL, Genome-Wide Association Study