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Native mass spectrometry has recently moved alongside traditional structural biology techniques in its ability to provide clear insights into the composition of protein complexes. However, to date, limited software tools are available for the comprehensive analysis of native mass spectrometry data on protein complexes, particularly for experiments aimed at elucidating the composition of an intact protein complex. Here, we introduce ProSight Native as a start-to-finish informatics platform for analyzing native protein and protein complex data. Combining mass determination via spectral deconvolution with a top-down database search and stoichiometry calculations, ProSight Native can determine the complete composition of protein complexes. To demonstrate its features, we used ProSight Native to successfully determine the composition of the homotetrameric membrane complex Aquaporin Z. We also revisited previously published spectra and were able to decipher the composition of a heterodimer complex bound with two noncovalently associated ligands. In addition to determining complex composition, we developed new tools in the software for validating native mass spectrometry fragment ions and mapping top-down fragmentation data onto three-dimensional protein structures. Taken together, ProSight Native will reduce the informatics burden on the growing field of native mass spectrometry, enabling the technology to further its reach.

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Journal article


J Proteome Res

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bioinformatics, deconvolution, intact protein, native mass spectrometry, protein complex, protein search engine, top down mass spectrometry