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The development of the cardiac conduction system (CCS) is essential for correct heart function. However, critical details on the cell types populating the CCS in the mammalian heart during the development remain to be resolved. Using single-cell RNA sequencing, we generated a large dataset of transcriptomes of ~0.5 million individual cells isolated from murine hearts at six successive developmental corresponding to the early, middle and late stages of heart development. The dataset provides a powerful library for studying the development of the heart's CCS and other cardiac components. Our initial analysis identified distinct cell types between 20 to 26 cell types across different stages, of which ten are involved in forming the CCS. Our dataset allows researchers to reuse the datasets for data mining and a wide range of analyses. Collectively, our data add valuable transcriptomic resources for further study of cardiac development, such as gene expression, transcriptional regulation and functional gene activity in developing hearts, particularly the CCS.

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Animals, Mice, Data Mining, Gene Expression Profiling, Gene Library, Heart, Mammals, Sequence Analysis, RNA, Single-Cell Gene Expression Analysis