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The STOX1 gene, identified as a candidate gene for pre-eclampsia in Dutch women, is placentally expressed and subject to imprinting with preferential transmission of the maternal allele. In our study, STOX1-Y153H frequencies were similar in 157 women with pre-eclampsia (65%) and in 157 controls (64%) from the general Dutch population. In an isolated Dutch population, a distortion could not be demonstrated in the transmission of STOX1-Y153H variation from heterozygous mothers to offspring in 50 and 56 families with pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia or intrauterine growth restriction, respectively. Our findings do not confirm previous suggestions that STOX1 plays a major role in Dutch women with pre-eclampsia.

Original publication




Journal article



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1163 - 1167


Carrier Proteins, Case-Control Studies, Female, Fetal Growth Retardation, Gene Frequency, Heterozygote, Homozygote, Humans, Pedigree, Pre-Eclampsia, Pregnancy