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The Oxbridge BHF Centre of Regenerative Medicine funded five 4 year DPhil (PhD) studentships (2014-2018). Three students in Oxford and two students in Cambridge are carrying out joint research projects that are collaborative between laboratories in Oxford and Cambridge or Bristol. The students have the opportunity to spend some time in two universities and working in two research groups.

The studentships were for basic science graduates who wanted to undertake advanced research into cardiovascular development, stem cells (ESCs and iPSCs), genetics/epigenetics, inflammation or wound healing all in the context of cardiovascular regenerative medicine.

The studentships were fully research based, with students spending the first 9 months doing short twelve week rotations in 3 different laboratories, before deciding on their DPhil project. The rotations provided the students with excellent exposure to the range of research undertaken within the CRM and  enabled them to make an informed decision about their DPhil project.