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BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine (CRM) has a pump-priming budget to support innovative ideas that need to produce preliminary data before submitting a project grant application to an external funding body.

Since 2014 there have been four rounds of pump-priming funding and the Centre has allocated nearly £700,000 of its budget. Decisions are always taken after external peer review of the applications.

There are no plans for any further calls for new pump-priming proposals.

Details of the projects funded under CRM1 and CRM2 are listed below.


Nicola Smart Oxford Asymmetric cell division in the epicardium: a novel target for regeneration? £41,700
Tilly Mommersteeg Oxford Comparing heart regeneration versus scarring on single cell level £30,568
Shoumo Bhattacharya Oxford Characterisation of the chemokine network in myocardial infarction £19,668
Martin Bennett Cambridge Rejuvenating aged intra-myocardial arteries after myocardial infarction £46,700
Helle Jorgensen Cambridge Transcriptional profiling of single cells from human arteries to identify primed/progenitor cell populations £25,310
Rebecca Richardson Bristol Validation of cardiomyocyte specific gene expression in macrophages after cardiac injury £43,954
Kim Mace Manchester Reversing chronic inflammation through modulation of reactive oxygen species £15,000
Jurgen Schneider Leeds Development of advanced MR imaging techniques for the regenerating mouse heart £49,988
Shoumo Bhattacharya
Targeting cardiac inflammation in post-infarction myocardial injury using novel chemokine-ligand traps derived from tick saliva £20,474
Nicola Smart
Generating new transgenic models to study the coronary vasculature £24,595
Paul Martin
Development of novel zebrafish models to analyse endogenous extracellular vesicle trafficking during the cardiac injury response and subsequent regeneration £28,118
Helle Jorgensen
Investigation of vascular smooth muscle cell heterogeneity £22,910
Jurgen Schneider Oxford Tracking stem cells in the living myocardium using 19F-MRI - a new paradigm for optimising preclinical studies
Tilly Mommersteeg Oxford Heart regeneration: is it in the blood?
Nicola Smart Oxford Sulfatases: novel targets for enhancing regeneration by epicardium-derived cells?
Shankar Srinivas  Oxford Characterising the initiation of coordinated calcium transients in the developing heart
Paul Martin Bristol Development of novel software for live imaging inflammatory cell interactions in the beating heart
Helle Jorgensen  Cambridge Developing a Crispr/Cas9-mediated system for regulation of local chromatin  configuration
Amer Rana Cambridge Modelling cardiomyocyte biology in pulmonary arterial hypertension using induced pluripotent stem cells
Shoumo Bhattacharya Oxford Targeting RASopathic fibrosis signalling pathways using monobodies £17,900
David Greaves Oxford CD68-Luciferase reporter mice for in vivo imaging of monocyte recruitment in repair £26,000
Nicola Smart Oxford SRSF3: a novel splicing regulator of epicardial gene networks? £12,738
Helle Jorgensen Cambridge In vivo proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells £22,479
Roger Pedersen Cambridge Generation of human pluripotent stem cell lines capable of reporting cardiac chamber-specific differentiation £27,922