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Serena Best

Professor of Materials Science


Ruth Cameron

Professor of Materials Science


Keith Channon

Field Marshal Earl Alexander Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Nitric oxide and redox signalling in cardiovascular disease

Matt Daniels

Visiting Scientist

Inherited heart disease

Dr Sarah De Val

University Research Lecturer

Bertie Gottgens

Professor of Molecular Haematology


David Greaves

Professor of Inflammation Biology


Shane Herbert

Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow


Kimberly Mace

Senior Lecturer


Mathilda Mommersteeg

Associate Professor of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine

Chuck Murry

Professor of Pathology, Bioengineering and Medicine/Cardiology


Amer Rana

BHF University Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine


Jurgen Schneider

Visiting Professor of Medical Imaging

Shankar Srinivas

Professor of Developmental Biology

Ellie Tzima

Professor of Cardiovascular Biology