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The overall goal of Pump Priming awards is to allow researchers to be more responsive and innovative, and to help maximise leverage from the BHF funding. The following awards have been made to Principal Investigators of the Oxford BHF CRE and to post-doctoral researchers and collaborators across the Oxford cardiovascular research groups.

Title Award holders Start date End date
Understanding the pathological role of neuropeptide Y in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion Jakub Tomek 1 January 2024 30 September 2024
High throughput GPCR characterisation utilising Presto-Tango Graham Davies 1 December 2023 30 September 2024
Elucidating the mechanisms driving epicardial quiescence to reveal novel targets for cardiac regeneration Nicola Smart 1 December 2023 30 September 2024
Investigation of ADPRHL1 (ARH2), a disease modifier in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Paul Robinson 1 November 2023 30 September 2024
Investigation of a novel player in lymphatic valve development and lymphoedema Ellie Tzima 1 November 2023 1 August 2024
Mechanism of action of a novel HD2 mutation Shoumo Bhattacharya 1 October 2023 1 July 2024
Implementing transportable hyperpolarized Xenon to expand cardiac-pulmonary functional imaging research. James Grist, Damian Tyler, Oliver Rider, Betty Raman 1 September 2023 31 August 2024
Variant-specific alterations of myocardial metabolism in patient-derived iPSC-cardiomyocyte models of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Betty Raman, Christopher Toepfer 1 July 2023 30 September 2024
Manipulating local phosphodiesterase activity to improve cardiac function Manuela Zaccolo 1 June 2023 30 September 2023
Dissecting the aetiology of sarcomere-negative hypertrophic cardiomyopathy using convolutional neural network analysis Rina Ariga 1 June 2023 31 December 2023
Myocardial inflammation modelling in iPSC-derived human cardiac organoids 1 June 2023 29 February 2024
Development of a human vascularised cardiac organoid system for modelling cell-cell interactions and target discovery in heart disease Filipa Simões 1 March 2023 23 February 2024
Investigating a novel gene in endothelial resistance 1 March 2023 29 February 2024
Matching in vivo to ex vivo human coronary microvascular function Kim Dora, Neil Herring 1 January 2023 31 March 2024
Effects of paced heart rate on cerebral blood flow velocity and pulsatility Neil Herring 1 January 2023 31 March 2024
Mechanosensitive adaptor proteins in vascular pathology 1 December 2022 30 November 2023
Uncovering novel regulators of angiogenesis Dr Sarah De Val 1 November 2022 31 December 2023
Targeting cardiovascular disease with peptide inhibitors of chemokines Shoumo Bhattacharya 1 November 2022 31 October 2023
Efficacy study of PAK1 activating small molecules as a potential disease-modifying therapy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Ming Lei, Hugh Watkins, Ying-Jie Wang 1 April 2022 31 March 2023
Acquisition of Localized Dynamic Phosphorus MRS and Perfusion for Muscle Specific Metabolic Assessment Ladislav Valkovic, Stefan Neubauer, Oliver Rider, Damian Tyler 1 August 2021 31 July 2022
Genetic correction of variant alleles as a treatment for inherited cardiomyopathies Alexander Sparrow, Charles Redwood, Hugh Watkins 1 July 2021 31 December 2021
Vascular Imaging Tool for the Auricle (VITA) Winok Lapidaire, Elliot Bentine 1 May 2021 30 April 2022
Slit/Robo signalling in cardiomyocyte cytokinesis Susann Bruche, Mathilda Mommersteeg 1 May 2021 30 April 2022
Validating the use of Imaging Mass Cytometry (Hyperion) to decipher the location and communication network of immune cells in cardiovascular disease. Suzanne Engelen, Lea Dib, Regent Lee, Claudia Monaco 1 May 2021 31 December 2021
Uncovering novel regulators of coronary arterial differentiation Dr Sarah De Val 1 May 2021 31 December 2021
Doxorubicin photochemical probes for unbiased target discovery Kerstin N Timm, Thomas Lanyon-Hogg 1 April 2021 31 October 2021
Generation of a myeloid specific Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) knockout mouse to study the role of BTK in cardiovascular disease. Gareth Purvis, David Greaves, Keith Channon 1 January 2021 31 December 2021
Exploring the role of calcitonin signaling in left ventricular fibrogenesis. Svetlana Reilly 1 January 2021 27 February 2022
Understanding the mechanism of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy cardiomyopathy Manuela Zaccolo 1 January 2021 31 December 2021
Fumarate as an antioxidant defence mechanism for the type 2 diabetic heart Lisa Heather, Mark Crabtree 1 January 2021 30 June 2022
Linking cardiomyocyte metabolism to ploidy and heart regeneration Mathilda Mommersteeg 1 October 2020 31 July 2021
The functional interaction and maturation of iPSC-cardiomyocyte organoids by co-culture with circulating endothelial colony forming cells: towards bioengineering 3D cardiac-organoids for disease modelling and drug screening Adam Lewandowski, Christopher Toepfer 1 July 2020 31 December 2021
Phenotyping and Pharmacological Rescue of HCM Mice Expressing α-Tropomyosin E180G Paul Robinson, Charles Redwood 1 July 2020 30 June 2021
Decoding an ancient parasite: Evasin-derived peptides capable of promiscuous chemokine binding as a new therapeutic approach to target cardiovascular inflammation Shoumo Bhattacharya, Akane Kawamura, Graham Davies 1 June 2020 30 June 2021
Investigating transcriptional networks controlled by Wilms’ tumour 1 in the developing heart Joaquim Vieira, Andia Redpath, Irina-Elena Lupu 1 April 2020 31 March 2021
Functional Annotation of the Lipidome at immunometabolic receptors. Angela Russell, David Greaves, James McCullagh, Keith Channon, Lisa Heather 1 March 2020 28 February 2021
Novel Parametric T1-mapping on Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance versus DPD Imaging to Monitor Response to Therapy in Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy Matthew Burrage, Vanessa Ferreira 1 February 2020 31 August 2021
Implementing CRISPR-activation and CRISPR-inhibition in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes Dr Ben Davies, Katja Gehmlich, Charles Redwood 1 January 2020 30 June 2021
Does maternal diabetes during pregnancy affect the developing heart transcriptome? Nikita Ved 1 December 2019 31 March 2020
Experiments to support resubmission of BHF Project Grant to investigate the role of Jcad in vascular remodelling Gillian Douglas 1 February 2019 31 March 2019
Weight Loss in Elderly Patients with Atrial Fibrillation (LOSE-AF): A Randomised Controlled Trial Rohan Wijesurendra, Barbara Casadei 1 January 2019 31 March 2019
The effect of hyperglycaemia upon cardiac innate immune cell immunometabolism following myocardial infarction Damian Tyler, Claudia Monaco, Mark Crabtree, Stefan Neubauer, Keith Channon, Robin Choudhury 1 December 2018 31 March 2019
LoCMR: A Low Field Portable System for Hyperpolarised 13C Magnetic Resonance Justin Lau, Damian Tyler 1 December 2018 31 March 2019
Development of hyperpolarized 29Silicon nanoparticle technology: towards non-invasive cardiovascular immune cell imaging Stefan Neubauer, Damian Tyler 1 December 2018 31 March 2019
Repurposing BTK inhibitors as anti-inflammatory drugs in cardiovascular disease. Gareth Purvis, David Greaves 1 November 2018 31 March 2019
The effect of a dietary ketone ester on doxorubicin-induced heart failure Cher-Rin Chong, Dr Kerstin Nina Timm 1 October 2018 31 March 2019
Targeting the Endocardium to Augment Neovascularisation of the Ischaemic Heart Nicola Smart 1 October 2018 31 March 2019
Establishing and characterising mature human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes Carin de Villiers, Alexander Sparrow 1 October 2018 31 March 2019
Pilot Genome Wide Association Study for Vascular Oxidative Stress in Cardiac Patients Nadia Akawi, Charalambos Antoniades, Martin Farrall 26 September 2018 31 December 2018
Estimating intake of individual dietary fatty acids in large-scale cohort studies as potentially modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease Aurora Pérez-Cornago 1 September 2018 31 March 2019
Assessment of Growth and Angiogenic Capacity of Peripheral Blood Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells in Children Born Preterm Adam Lewandowski 1 August 2018 31 March 2019
Modified-mRNA Delivery of Evasins Graham Davies, Dr Ben Davies, Shoumo Bhattacharya 1 August 2018 31 March 2019
Exploring cardiomyocytes’ functional response to calcitonin and pro-calcitonin Svetlana Reilly 16 July 2018 31 December 2018
Trends and determinants of cardiovascular medication use for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease David Preiss 1 June 2018 31 December 2018
The generation of adeno-associated virus serotype 9 (AAV9) for in vivo gene delivery of novel genetically encoded Ca2+ sensors Paul Robinson, Charles Redwood 1 June 2018 31 December 2018
The role of PDE2A2 in the regulation of mitophagy in cardiac monocytes Manuela Zaccolo 1 July 2017 31 December 2017
Development of novel myofilament-specific indicators for Ca2+ and protein mobility Paul Robinson 1 May 2017 31 January 2018
Do sugars direct monocycles in their pursuit of lipids? Asif Iqbal 1 March 2017 31 October 2017
The role of trimeric intracellular cation channels (TRIC) in the heart: Application to fund production of a cardiomyocyte specific TRIC-A knockout mouse 21 February 2017 31 December 2017
Probing the effect of oxidative stress on epigenetic regulation Akane Kawamura 1 November 2016 31 December 2017
Can wearable devices be used to record arrhythmias and physical activity for streamlined cardiovascular trials in dialysis patients? Will Herrington 1 June 2016 31 December 2017
Inflammatory Cell Characterisation in Human Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Regent Lee 1 May 2016 31 January 2018
Can blood pressure be intensively monitored in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease? A pilot study for future randomized trials Richard Haynes 1 May 2016 31 January 2018
Regulation of nuclear pH in cardiac myocytes by Ca2+ signals: a new means of influencing gene expression? Pawel Swietach 1 April 2016 31 May 2016
Development of Mitochondria-Targeted MRI-Sensitive Small Molecule Probes Jurgen Schneider 1 January 2016 31 December 2016
Establishing a cellular model to investigate Filamin C-related cardiomyopathy Katja Gehmlich 1 January 2016 31 December 2017
The endothelial cis-regulatory landscape Rui Monteiro 20 November 2015 31 December 2016
Iron Homeostasis in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Samira Lakhal-Littleton 16 November 2015 30 June 2017
iPS repgrogramming from peripheral blood in Cardiovascular Medicine Matt Daniels 1 November 2015 30 April 2016
An individual patient data meta-analysis of 5000 patients with significant asymptomatic carotid stenosis randomised to immediate carotid intervention plus medical therapy versus medical therapy alone (ACST-1, ACAS and VA carotid trials) Richard Bulbulia 1 August 2015 30 June 2016
Transcriptional Regulation In The Pericyte Lineage 1 July 2015 30 June 2016
Environmental and epigenetic effects on phenotype exposure in heterozygous mice carrying damaging recessive mutations Dorota Szumska 1 July 2015 31 March 2017
A meta-analysis of randomised trials in Marfan syndrome Colin Baigent 1 May 2015 30 April 2017
A novel non-viral gene therapy vector to reduce cholesterol and prevent the development of atherosclerosis in an improved mouse model of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Keith Channon 1 February 2015 30 September 2015
Metabolomic profiling of vascualr disease in the China Kadoorie Biobank Iona Millwood 1 January 2015 30 June 2015
Better transfection efficiency in a cellular cardiac model system - a low cost, high-throughput screening approach Katja Gehmlich 11 November 2014 30 May 2015
The Role of RGS-1 in the Inflammatory Response to Myocardial Infarction Keith Channon, Jyoti Patel 1 November 2014 30 September 2015
The Mexican cave fish: a novel model system of heart regeneration Mathilda Mommersteeg 1 November 2014 30 June 2016
Investigating the role of aB-crystallin in controlling heart muscle stiffness Charles Redwood 1 July 2014 30 June 2015
Transcriptional regulation by Zic2 and left-right patterning of the heart Shoumo Bhattacharya 1 June 2014 31 December 2015
The utility of T1-mapping in asssessment of ischaemia in non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction Vanessa Ferreira, Stefan Neubauer 1 June 2014 30 June 2015
Regulatory profiling of the innate immune response during cardiac regeneration Paul Riley, Tatjana Sauka-Spengler, Filipa Simoes 1 June 2014 31 May 2015
Developing p21 activated kinase-1 activating drug-like small molecules Ming Lei 1 April 2014 31 July 2015
Generating a mouse model for a unique titin-associated cardiomyopathy phenotype Katja Gehmlich 25 January 2014 31 December 2015
Validation of laboratory methods to measure biomarkers of mineral metabolism Richard Haynes 25 January 2014 30 September 2015
Establishing neonatal mouse cardiomyocyte cultures as a model system to study the role of mechanical stress in cardiomyopathies Katja Gehmlich 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Cyclic peptides: new approaches for cellular target validation Akane Kawamura, Shoumo Bhattacharya, Chris Schofield 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Developing optogenetic methods to control arterial function Paolo Tammaro 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
In vivo assessment of the off-target metabolic effects of chemotherapy on the heart and liver using hyperpolarized 13C magentic resonance imaging Damian Tyler, Michael Dodd 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Fluorescence assays to screen for seletive HIF hydroxylase inhibitors Emily Flashman 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Conduction velocity and sarcomere length measurement in the un-arrested beating heart Gil Bub 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Development of magnetic resonance imaging techniques for injured zebrafish hearts in vivo Jurgen Schneider, Jana Koth 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
New pathways for beta-adrenergic signalling Derek Terrar, Antony Galione 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Generation of a FRET-based sensor for real time imaging of NADPH in living cells Ricardo Carnicer, Barbara Casadei 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Impact of genetic variation on Lp(a) levels and apo(a) isoform size and the causal relevance of Lp(a) for risk of disease Jemma Hopewell, Sarah Parish, Robert Clarke, Jane Armitage 1 August 2013 31 March 2014
Mechanisms underlying the complementary roles of NAADP and cADPR in cardiac muscle, including the potential arrhythmogenic effects of these compounds Derek Terrar, Antony Galione 1 January 2013 30 November 2013
Prediction of early and late graft failure post coronary artery bypass surgery, by studying the biology of the vascular grafts and their cross-talk with the local adipose tissue Charalambos Antoniades 5 December 2012 31 March 2014
Development of in vivo biotinylation and genome-wide profiling tools for cardio-vascular studies in zebrafish Tatjana Sauka-Spengler 1 November 2012 31 March 2014
Role of ABCG1 in plaque regression Shoumo Bhattacharya, Keith Channon, Jurgen Schneider, Dr Ben Davies 1 October 2012 31 March 2014
Effect of Vitamin D supplements on cardiac contractile function: Application for funding for additional anaylses in the BEST-D trial Robert Clarke, Jane Armitage 1 September 2012 31 March 2014
Circulating MicroRNAs as novel biomarkers of cardiovascular outcome Keith Channon, Manuel Mayr, Shona Kerr 1 July 2012 30 June 2013
Tracing and manipulating cells in specific regions of zebrafish heart with transgenic expressing CreERT2 recombinase Roger Patient, John Mullins 20 June 2012 30 June 2013
Establishing mouse models to investigate the physiological role of new genes associated with Coronary Artery Disease Hugh Watkins, Keith Channon, Theo Kyriakou 1 March 2012 31 December 2012
Mitochondria morphology and cAMP dynamics in PDE2-/- MEFs Manuela Zaccolo 23 January 2012 30 April 2013
Importance of cardiac tetrahydropbiopterin in myocardial function and the response to ischaemia Keith Channon 18 January 2012 31 August 2012
Development of molecular imaging agents for hybrid PET-MRI and OCT-CT using biodegradable particles that mimic leukocyte binding Robin Choudhury 1 October 2011 30 September 2014
Functional investigation of a genetic signal associated with CAD in the LIPA locus Hugh Watkins, Theo Kyriakou, Edward Fisher 30 September 2011 30 September 2012
Development of CB2 selective agonists as potential anti-atherogenic drugs David Greaves, Angela Russell 1 June 2011 1 June 2013
Oxford Cardiovascular Tissue BioResource Paul Leeson 26 April 2011 25 April 2012
Development of small molecular anti-platelet therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular disease Grant C Churchill 1 March 2011 28 February 2012
Genetic and chemical analysis of cardiomyocyte energy and nutrient homeostasis Shoumo Bhattacharya 1 January 2011 31 December 2011
Exome sequencing to identify the underlying causative genes in four families having unusual cardiac phenotypes Hugh Watkins 1 January 2011 31 December 2012
Activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase by CRAC channels Anant Parekh, David Paterson 1 January 2010 31 December 2010
Identification of pharmacological tools for manipulation of myocardial creatine content Craig Lygate, Stefan Neubauer, Angela Russell, Sevasti Zervou 1 January 2010 31 March 2013
Receptor binding studies of novel anti-inflammatory peptides David Greaves 1 December 2009 30 November 2010
High-throughput screening for compounds to enhance expression from the low density lipoprotin receptor using a novel genomic DNA based luciferase assay Richard Wade-Martins 1 October 2009 28 February 2012
Non-invasive assessment of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury at ultrahigh magnetic field strength Stefan Neubauer, Jurgen Schneider, Craig Lygate 1 July 2009 30 April 2011
Investigating the origin and development of cardiac contractile activity Shankar Srinivas 1 June 2009 31 January 2010
Tracking of fibre orientation in the living heart using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging Jurgen Schneider, Peter Kohl 1 June 2009 30 April 2011
Radiation induced cardiovascular disease Sarah Darby 1 May 2009 31 March 2014
The role of neuronal nitric oxide synthase activator protein in susceptibility to ventricular fibrillation and sudden cardiac death Neil Herring, David Paterson 1 January 2009 31 March 2014
Impact of the sex-dependence of propionate metabolism on the emergence of novel histone modifications Pawel Swietach